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First Impression on Muslims in America

I have been ministering out on the streets and I am starting to see some patterns. Let me talk about religious people in general before I move on to Muslims. Most other religions in America are trying to incorporate Christianity into their religion in some way. As if Christianity is somehow encapsulated into their world view. Continue reading “First Impression on Muslims in America”

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Missionary Journey to Egypt – Loneliness and Baggage

Another week closer to my journey to Egypt. It’s about that time to think about what I need to take with me. I am going there for about two weeks and what can I say? I need some stuff to survive there! The plan is to get dropped off in the middle of Alexandria. You know, take a taxi and get dropped off in the middle of the city, like they do it in the movies and start walking and ministering. Continue reading “Missionary Journey to Egypt – Loneliness and Baggage”